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Equine: Scientific Proceedings 2011

Ankorina-Stark_Novel treatment of symptomatic osteoarthritis oa in horses
Boussauw_How to do a standing oral extraction of a cheek tooth in horses-
Brooks_Equine ophthalmology
Brooks_Examination of the eye of the horse
Casey_A new generation of tenocytes grown in-vitro to effect tendon repair and regeneration
Cokelaere_The equine spine- a diagnostic challenge
Durham_An introduction to equine metabolic syndrome
Durham_Diagnosis of equine metabolic syndrome
Durham_Managment and treatment of equine metabolic syndrome
Equine stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine – where are we now and where are we going-
Fink-Gremmels_doping versus medication control
Gasthuys_How to use a triple Drip in Horses
Govaere_Insights inside the foaling mare an animated tool for veterinary education
Gunther-vanLoon_How to read tHe equine electrocardiogram-
Jonckheer-Sheehy_The diagnosis of equine behaviour problems – the veterinary perspective
Lepage_From the veterinarian to the owner- understanding and explaining
Lepage_Is biotherapy with maggots a solution to increase wound healing in equids-
Lepage_To help the healing process of acute wounds in horses what can we offer and at what time-
Lischer_Calcium dobesilate - a new therapeutic agent for treatment of navicular disease in horses
MacEwen_Clean sport campaign within in fei regulated equestrian sports
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