Diagnostic Imaging

Of course diagnostic imaging will be integrated in many lectures, but there will be two presentations primarily about new imaging techniques. Dean Richardson, one of world’ s leading orthopedic experts, will share his experiences with a novel technique: robotic standing computed tomography. Michel Hoegaerts will tell you all about the information a MRI of the stifle can bring.


Dean Richardson (US), Michel Hoegaerts (BE)

The diagnostic imaging lecures are incorparated in the NEVA stream on Thursday.

Emergency & Critical Care

Gayle Hallowell will address decision-making regarding the need for intravenous fluids, discussing the value of aggressive intravenous fluid plans with case examples. She will discuss the types of enteral fluids appropriate in different disease processes and the use of fluids per rectum. In her talk about cardiovascular emergencies Gayle will evaluate the initial approach of neonates with cardiac arrest, colicking horses with cardiac disease and vascular emergencies to include thrombi and haemorrhage. All her lectures will be supported by case examples that will ensure they are relevant to your veterinary practice. In this stream Bruce McGorum will explain you how to manage cases of acute upper airway obstruction. And who better than Dean Richardson is there to inform you about management of fracture patients?


Gayle Hallowell (GB), Bruce McGorum (GB), Dean Richardson (US)


In a stream about endoscopy, various renowned speakers will literally offer you a look inside several body parts of the horse: the oral cavity, the sinussus and the abdomen. Rob Pascoe will share tips on how to perform and interpret sinuscopy and oroscopy. Hans Wilderjans will discuss recent advances in standing laparoscopy including an adapted technique for taking full-thickness intestinal biopsies, a technique for closure of the vaginal (peritoneal flap hernioplasty), a technique for closure of the nephrosplenic space and various other techniques.


Rob Pascoe (GB), Hans Wilderjans (BE)

Internal Medicine - Miscellaneous

Besides the before mentioned subjects, you will be spoiled with many other internal medicine related lectures. In a dynamic, interactive presentation Derek Knottenbelt will offer you a guide in clinical reasoning that will help you to improve your daily practice. Lutz Goehring – a well known expert in the field of neurology – will help you towards a better understanding of EHV-1 latency and will offer guidelines in the diagnosis of nervous system diseases. Gayle Hallowell presents a practical approach to the sick neonate, explaining how to evaluate common presenting signs to ensure you don't miss them. Initial pharmacological management and fluid therapy will be discussed, to help achieve a positive outcome. Finally, there will be clinical updates about the diagnosis and treatment of skin tumors and grass sickness.


Derek Knottenbelt (GB), Bruce McGorum (GB), Lutz Goehring (GER), Gayle Hallowell

Internal Medicine - Respiratory diseases

In a case based presentation Bruce McGorum will elucidate the aetiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of acute lower airway disease. Diseases like asthma, SPAOPD, pulmonary oedema, interstitial lung disease, neoplasia and pulmonary fibrosis will be discussed. In addition he will present cases of acute upper airway obstruction and explain how to manage disorders of the pleura, thoracic wall and diaphragm. Lutz Goehring will show you some interesting surprises you can find in the guttural pouch.


Bruce McGorum (GB), Lutz Goehring (GER)


During the upcoming edition of the conference you can enjoy a large variety of orthopedic subjects. Hans Wilderjans will offer you a practical approach to the distended digital flexor tendon sheath and deep foot penetrations. Dean Richardson will shed light on how to diagnose and treat selected hock problems. In addition he will present about a topic he is well known for: orthopedic surgery in standing horses. Peter Clegg will share new insights in tendon rehabilitation strategies, translated from human to horse. In another presentation he will inform you about exercise related pathology of the fetlock in competition horses.


Dean Richardson (US), Hans Wilderjans (BE), Peter Clegg (GB)