Chris Pearce

Chris Pearce has extensive experience in equine dentistry at all levels.

Chris spent 17 years as a director of a busy equine practice in England, becoming increasingly specialised in dentistry during that time and developing a large case load of referrals, and in 2001 became the first veterinary surgeon to pass the BAEDT* entrance examination. In this time Chris also gained RCVS Certificates in Equine Internal Medicine and Soft Tissue Surgery. Chris passed the first full European Diploma examination in 2014, becoming a European and RCVS Recognised Specialist in equine veterinary dentistry.  Chris founded The Equine Dental Clinic Ltd in 2013, Europe’s first dedicated equine dentistry referral practice, and performs equine dentistry referrals across Europe and lectures worldwide. Chris has served on BEVA Council for seven years, been Chairman of the examining committee for BAEDT three times, and is currently a member of the credentials committee for the EVDC Diploma examinations. Chris has wide experience and is most interested in novel restorative and endodontic procedures in horses. 

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