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Thursday 12, April 2018, room 3
EQUINE CLINICAL RESEARCH SESSIONS (BEVA Award and Xcellent Horse Insurance Award)

14.00-14.12 W. Bambra Equine influenza vaccination uptake by horse owners and factors influencing their decision to vaccinate
(Winner of the Voorjaarsdagen Award for Clinical Research at the BEVA Congress 2017)
14.12-14.24 P.H.L. Ramzan Clinical and performance outcomes following non-surgical and surgical management of osteochondral chip fractures of the Thoroughbred fetlock
14.24-14.36 I.J.M. Slenter Clinical, ultrasonographic and histopathologic findings in seven horses with Descemet’s membrane detachment
14.36-14.48 M.A. de Laat The recurrence rate of endocrinopathic laminitis

14.50-14.55 5 min Coffee break
14.55-15.07 V.G. Peter Comparison of digital radiography and standing low-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the detection of specific osseous pathology of the metacarpo-/metatarsophalangeal joint
15.07-15.19 C. De Meeus d’Argenteuil Longitudinal follow-up of equine muscle morphometrics and associated metabolic properties induced by 8 weeks of treadmill training
15.19-15.31 M. Vandersmissen Don’t forget about ultrasound! Usefulness of ultrasonography in evaluating the equine head and throat regions
15.31-15.43 H. Panhuijzen A practical approach on urethral rents in geldings: 3 cases

15.45-16.10 25 min Coffee break
16.10-16.22 A. Dufourni Bacterial blood culture isolates and their antimicrobial susceptibility obtained from 42 critically ill neonatal foals presented at Ghent University between 2011 and 2017
16.22-16.34 E. Pollaris Case Report: Spontaneous orthodontic movement to normal occlusion after extraction of a supernumerary tooth
16.34-16.46 L. Vera Inter-day, inter-observer and intra-observer variability of arterial pulse wave velocity measurements using pulsed wave Doppler in healthy horses
16.46-16.58 I. Desjardins Case series of horses with exotic infections or multiple simultaneous infections with underlying pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction
16.58-17.10 X. Peyrecave Longitudinal Follow-up of the Lesions from the Multiple Congenital Ocular Abnormalities Syndrome in the Comtois Horse
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