Career event

This is the place to be when you are looking for a new job. The career event cannot be missed by anyone orientating or seriously looking for career opportunities. The career event is coordinated and supported by the Veterinary Organisation Vitaux. All students, veterinarians and veterinary technicians are invited to come and take a look what the opportunities are to give your career a boost!

The following companies will be present on the Career Event during the EVC Voorjaarsdagen 2017:

  • AB Oost
  • Aeres Hogeschool
  • Dix Fortuin
  • Edupet
  • FlexVet
  • Heertjes Advies
  • Ranzijn
  • Spaarne Coaching
  • Vedias
  • Veterinair Organisatiebureau Vitaux

Conference music

Thursday and friday drinks and music on the exhibition floor sponsored bij Brocacef and NDG.

Thursday the singer Lisa Marie, accompanied by her guitar player Joost, will bring you in the mood for the Vet-party.

Friday the musical duo Marleen and Manuel, two enthusiastic musicians, create the right atmosphere to have a few drinks with colleagues and look back at a successful conference.

VET Party

Thursday after you finished your drinks join us at the golden edition of our VET-party where you and your friends can do a little dance to the music of the party band.

Party tickets (€25 all inclusive) are now available on the booking page!


Creating an inspiring scientific conference as well as a place where veterinarians and veterinary technicians can meet and enjoy the large industry floor, has grown to be a collective initiative of Voorjaarsdagen committee and the veterinary industry. A place where you can meet over 1.500 veterinarians and 600 veterinary technicians representing the full variety of the Dutch vet society. This is the Voorjaarsdagen Experience.

The European Veterinary Conference 'Voorjaarsdagen' is a familiar concept with a newly designed industry floor. The Voorjaarsdagen Experience will offer entertainment and catering at the industry floor in an attractive way for the participants. Enjoy drinks and music on thursday and friday at the exhibition floor.

Closing Ceremony and Awards Friday April 21st 18:15

The Closing Ceremony will be on Friday 21st of April and takes place at the central stage at the Exhibition floor. After a short review by the president of the EVC Voorjaarsdagen the conference awards will be handed out.