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Pre Conference Day European Veterinary Conference, April 19th (and 20th) 2017, The Hague, The Netherlands.

The Value of (Owning) a Veterinary Practice:

Wat is de Dierenartsenpraktijk je Waard?

Love for animals will always be the cornerstone of our veterinary profession and that’s a good thing. Passion for the animal and the profession helps balance your life, and helps you deal with your job demands. However, this passion can be affected if your work environment takes away your independence.

Can you increase your pride and performance as a veterinarian by being an owner of a practice, or do you feel more comfortable as an employee?

Rumor has it young vets do not want to own a veterinary practice anymore. Entrepreneurship doesn’t seem to align with an 8.00 am to 5.00 pm mentality. More and more vets opt for working as an employee, focusing on the technical/veterinary matters, and steering away from the day to day burden of ownership. Large corporate equity funds have started to buy existing practices in the USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

This pre-conference day will help veterinarians gain insights on the business side of their practice. We will talk about the tangible and intangible costs and benefits of owning a practice and compare it to new business models. There is no right or wrong solution, we just want you to be able to make better decisions based on evidence based knowledge.

Whether you are just come out of vet school and are considering buying or starting a practice, or you are seriously considering selling your practice because you are close to retirement, this program will provide you answers to your most “burning” questions.

Our full day program on the 19th of April will focus on creating, maintaining and measuring value in a veterinary practice. We will not only focus on figures, but also discuss the value of being an owner, with the responsibilities and freedom that come with it. We will also discuss branding and how it can affect the value to a practice. For those of you who want to learn more on the subject we will provide smaller group workshops on the next day, April 20th.

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