Equine Scientific Proceedings 2014

Aetiology diagnosis and treatment-Dixon
Cardiac Arrhythmias in horses-Van Loon
Cardiac murmurs in horses-Van Loon
Challenges for future vaccine development-Paillot
Chronic inflammatory bowel disease-Picavet
Disorders of the equine stomach-Sutton
Electrical conversion of atrial-Van Loon
Equine dentistry of the geriatric horse-Peters
Equine embryo transfer-Hoogewijs
Equine Influenza-Paillot
Equine lameness-Dyson
Evaluation of horses presenting with nasal-Katz
Hot treatments in equine orthopaedics-Brama
Implications of cardiac disease-Van Loon
Less common respiratory problems-Van den Brom
Management options for common airway-Katz
Multimodal Analgesia-Kearney
Reflections on the most performed-Brama
Refuting some well-known facts-Dixon
Regional perfusion-Kearney
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