Boehringer Ingelheim Research Award 2014

Arthroscopic treatment-Spillebeen
Correlation between ultrasonographic-Tobon
Echocardiographic findings-Van Meeuwen
Ergonomics in Veterinary Laparoscopic-Araya
Feline biotransformation of diazepam-Van Beusekom
Hydrated nucleus pulposus herniation-Meij
Incidence of facet joint osteoarthritis in dogs-Larsson
Intracranial disorders in dogs and cats-Klein Haneveld
Mimicking developmental biology-Verdonschot
MRI-guidance of intratumoral injection-Reijniers
OptiClose a novel method-Vos
Preliminary study of P-glycoprotein-Lopez
Response to TRH stimulation in dogs-Knies
Results of treatment-Tellegen
Single-agent peg-asparaginase-Van Vliet
The effect of anaesthesia and sedation-Stock
The effect of dexamethasone-Vlijm
The myth of fibroid degeneration-Hansen
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