Companion Animal: Scientific Proceedings 2011

deGroot_The essence of cleaning desinfection
deGroot_The string is as strong as the weakest link
Eplattenier_Urinary Incontinence
Eplattenier_Urinary tract neoplasia
Eplattenier_Urologic emergencies
Hurley_Cleaning and Sanitation in animal shelters
Hurley_Practical tools for outbreak management in shelters
Hurley_Shelters and shelter medicine overview where we are today
Hurley_Vaccination strategies in animal shelters
Kruitwagen_creating a sterile operating area
Kruitwagen_creating a sterile operating room
Mitchell_Avian pneumonology anatomy to clinical disease
Mitchell_Clinical pathology for exotic mammalian pets
Mitchell_Diagnostic testing in exotic small mammals
Mitchell_Infectious diseases of reptiles diagnosis to treatment
Mitchell_Rabbit and rodent gastroenterology
Overgaauw_Companion animal zoonoses
Overgaauw_Zoonotic risks for veterinary clinic staff
Wagner_shelter animal housing and enrichment
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