Equine: Interpolis Award 2010

Dansen_Emerging idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease in horses a report of 14 cases
deBont_Standing laparoscopic ovariectomy technique with intra-abdominal dissection
deBruijn_Preliminary experiences with over ground dynamic respiratory scoping
deCocq_Girth forces at stance walk trot and canter with and without a rider
deGrauw_The effects of ia morphine vs saline injection on inflammation
Driessen_The efficacy of a nutritional supplement in horses with insect bite hypersensitivity
Durie_Idiopathic lymphoplasmacytic rhinitis in a horse a rare cause of inspiratory stridor
Janda_Expression of thymic stromal lymphopoietin in bronchoalveolar lavage
Jonquiere_Mrsa prevalence in healthy horses in the netherlands a follow-up study
Mancha_Lymphocytosis in an equine herpesvirus 4 outbreak
Oosterhuis_Effect of Gaits and tempi on saddle forces
Ramzan_Association between cheek tooth peripheral caries and diastema in 108 horses
Reilly_Effect of dietary biotin supplementation on zonal tubule density of equine hoof horn
Spaak_The effects of three different shoe types on limb loading and movement of the hindlimb
Sutton_Construction of two acute abdominal pain scales in adult horses
Sutton_Validation of two acute abdominal pain scales in adult horses
vanKralingen_Clients considerations regarding the introducing an equine health
Voermans_Sinoscopy for complicated sinonasal diseases
Zuidhof_Success of deep intrauterine insemination with frozen stallion semen
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