Royal Canin Resident and Research Award 2010

Bergknut_An imaging study of a nucleus pulposus hydrogel in canini cadaveric spines
Bergknut_Incidence of lumbosacral disease in a population of 800000 swedish dogs
Bonestroo_Clinicopathological relevance of heat shock protein expression in canine osteosarcoma
Corbee_Nutrition in short-bowel-syndrome in dogs and cats
deNies_Introduction and validation of a new histological scoring
Haagsman_Hermaphroditism with dysuria in a dog
Jutten_Micro dissecyion and rna isolation
Knaap_Dodger’s bloody awful problem
Kranenburg_The prevalance of diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis in dogs
Mameren_Neuronal Vacuolation and spinocerebellar degeneration in young rottweiler dogs
Nouwens_Effects of diet on copper zinc and iron liver concentrations in labrador retrievers
Oudenes_Progressive paraparesis and ataxi a in a cat
Schwencke_Nerve sheath tumors in dogs
vanNimwegen_A laparoscopic approach for the removal of ovarian remnant tissue in dogs
vanSchaijk_Force plate gait analysis to assess functional outcome of tibial
Wolthers_XX-XY chemera in a border terrier
Wouters_evaluation of protocollair treatment of anal furunculosis
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