Equine: Scientific Proceedings 2010

Bosch_New insights in the pathogenesis of tendon injuries
Bosch_New treatment options for tendon injuries
Boussauw_How to assess and treat umbilical hernias
Boussauw_How to manage mandibular fractures in practice
Brazil_A practitioner’s guide to bronchoscopy in the horse
Butler_Anaplasma phagocytophilum in horses an emerging disease or underdiagnosed-
David_Diagnostic and interventional ultrasonography of the shoulder region
David_Diagnostic and interventional ultrasonography of the stifle
David_How to manage tendom injuries surgically
David_New insights in diagnostic imaging of tendon injuries
Delesalle_ultrasonographic work-up of the acute abdomen and an ultrasonographic glimpse
Dujardin_Advanced pain management constant rate infusion in the conscious
Dujardin_How to recognise and treat pain in the equine patient
Dunlop_Sedation for difficult horses
Dunlop_What can you do to prolong IV anesthesia
Enzerink_The work up and therapeutic challenge of lameness in the shoulder area
Knottenbelt_African horse sickness - current perspectives for europe
Knottenbelt_The approach to the equine dermatology case in practice
Loomans_61 minutes – A special news program
Lowell_Branding our profession and practice
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