Equine: Scientific Proceedings 2009

Beukers: How to survive the first two years in practice
Casey: The prevalence of occlusal lesions in equine chek teth from horses with clinical signs of apical pulpitis compared to controls .
Cokelaere: Equine Joint Treatment : A New approach?
Ducharme: Diagnosis and treatment alternatives for various causes of uper airway obstruction (in the horse)
Ducharme: Technical advances in uper airway surgeries (in the horse)
Graaf-Roelfsema: The value of diferent clinical and biochemical markers to ases overtraining in horses
Grauw, de: Joint disease in horses: Biomarkers , experimental models and therapeutic intervention
Dijk, van: Sedation of competition horses
Gorter: Burnout and job engagement in veterinary professional career ; risks and chalenges
Higgins: Doping and the competition horse: Curent and historical perspectives
Holcombe: Upper Airway Anatomy and Physiology in Horses
Holcombe: Upper Airway Causes of Poor Performance in Horses
Johns: Viral diseases of horses
Keizer: Overtraining and overreaching in human athletes : An overview
Marlin: The Physiology of Equine Sport
Marlin: Management , training and other les common causes of por and loss of performance in sports horses
Piercy: Muscles and por performance
Potts: A Pitfall …..a potential hazard or danger that is easily encountered but not always imediately obvious
Reed: A Review of Selected Neurological Diseases Affecting Horses Neurology Is Not a Euphemism for Necropsy
Stout: Early Pregnancy Los in the Mare
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