Equine: Scientific Proceedings 2006

Brommer: Assessment of functionality of equine articular cartilage
Palmer: A comprehensive approach to the management of tendon injuries in the performance horse
Koene: Prevalence of effects of osteochondral lesions and intra-articular osseous fragments on the outcome of the lameness examinations within the pre-purchase examinations of 1440 German Warmblood Horses
Haussler: Sacroiliac joint injection techniques
Haussler: Clinical features of sacroiliac disease: Palpation and manipulation
Haussler: Functional anatomy and pathology of the sacroiliac joint
Haussler: What is sacroiliac joint disease?
Bergman: Sacroiliac disease in the horse: Clinical features, diagnostics and treatment
Barthez: How to use computed tomography (CT) in equine medicine and surgery?
Collins: How to ... perform intravenous regional perfusion of the equine limb
Hofland: How to perform sectioning of the fetlock annular ligament. A modern modification of an old method
Pycock: How to perform deep uterine insemination in practice
Newcombe: A high pregnancy rate to mating after ovulation
Derksen: Upper airway sound analysis: Implications for diagnosis and surgical treatment
Tremaine: Recent developments in laryngeal surgery
Derksen: Inflammatory airway disease in horses: Prevalence and effect on performance
Nielsen: Endometritis in the mare. - The value of swab and biopsy for bacteriological, cytological and histological examination
Pycock: Prediction of Ovulation in the Mare
Rambags: Postpartum uterine complications in the mare
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