Companion Animal: Scientific Proceedings 2009

Pageat: Dermatology and Behavioural Medicine: More than a Single-Sense Relationship
Pageat: Autonomic Disorders Related to Behaviour Problems
Pageat: Differential Diagnosis in Housesoiling Cats
Pageat: The Role of Attachment in the Socialization to Humans and in Behavioural Problems
Pageat: Inter and Intraspecific Communication : A Basis for Welfare
Pageat: The Aggressive Cat
Atkins: Management of Asymptomatic Acquired Heart Disease in Dogs
Atkins: ACE-inhibitors and Azotemia in Dogs with Heart Disease
Atkins: Feline Hypertension : Risks, Diagnosis and Management
Atkins: Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Atkins: Systemic Arterial Embolism in Cats
Atkins: Heartworm Disease – An update for Practitioners who do not commonly see Heartworms
Atkins: Advances in the Management of Canine Heart Failure
Beijerink: Evidence Based Advances in Heart Failure Diagnosis and Management : The Use of Blood Tests and Vasodilators
Szatmari: ECG Interpretation for Practitioners
Ludlow: Nutritional Support in Critical Care Patients
Reiter: Closed and Open Tooth Extraction
Reiter: Radical Tumor Resection (Maxillectomy , Mandibulectomy )
Reiter: Techniques of Jaw Fracture Repair
Reiter: Basic and Advanced Periodontal Treatment
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