Equine: Interpolis award 2008

Boom, van den: Effect of permethrin insecticide on horses
Bruijn, de: The prevalence and possible anthelmintic resistance of Parascaris equorum
Clercq, de: Propafenone efficacy in horses with chronic atrial fibrillation
Cocq, de: Pressure measurements to evaluate rider positions
Cuervo-Arango: A prophylactic approach for persistent-mating induced endometritis
Davidse: Repairing recto-vaginal lacerations in recumbent mares
Fasina: African Horse sickness expands to Northern Hemisphere
Heer, de: Hoof puncture: MRI as diagnostic aid
Journee: Equine twin reduction by foetal stabbing
Kennedy: Latency to Ejaculation and Conception Rate
Lindner: Effect of regeneration during conditioning on v4 of horses
Parlevliet: The use of cefquinome in equine reproduction
Reijerkerk: Foxglove intoxication in ten horses
Rodriguez Hurtado: Hyaluronan receptor in mare reproductive tract
Sloet van Oldruitenborgh-Oosterbaan: Blood-lactate concentration and prognosis in equine gastro-intestinal colic
Smith: Optimazation of STIR sequences for equine low flied standing MRI
Veraa: CT in diagnosing equine head neoplasia
Winther: Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in horses: Case series
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