Equine: Scientific Proceedings 2008

Amory: Differential diagnosis of equine systolic murmurs
Wijnberg: Locomotor disturbances in performance horses, a joint venture between internal medicine and orthopaedics
Barr: Post Mortem Evaluation of Palmar Osteochondral Disease
Bergman: Computed Tomography and CT Arthrography of the Equine Stifle
Butler: Emerging tick-borne diseases in horses
Doorn, van: Worming horses the rational way
Fink-Gremmels: Case-driven clinical pharmacology
Fink-Gremmels: Translating therapeutic concepts to daily practice
Hughes: Proximal Limb Lameness in the Horse
Martens: Wound management for the general practitioner
Martens: Osteochondral fragments in equine joints: do we have to remove them all?
Matthews: Non-ulcerative disease of the equine ocular surface
Matthews: Ophthalmic Examination and the Equine Pre-Purchase Examination
Menzies-Gow: The Pathogenesis of Equine Pasture-Associated Laminitis
Menzies-Gow: Diagnosis and Treatment of Equine Laminitis
Nieuwstadt, van: Horses and toxic plants, a dangerous equilibrium
Nout: Traumatic brain and spinal cord injury
Pille: Diagnostic approach to the lame horse
Pirie: Equine Grass Sickness: 100 years on, but any wiser?
Pirie: Allergic Respiratory Disease: Where are we now?
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