Companion Animal: Posters 2008

Aldavood: Puppies Iron deficiency anemia
Beck: Interhost movement of adult cat fleas
Berge, ten: Labrador Luna with her lame look
Berge, ten: Dogs on wheels
Besalti: Spinal tumors in 9 dogs and 1 cat
Dascula:3D evaluation of articular chondral defects healing
Dodi: Evaluation of selenium and zinc concentration in acqueous humor in normal and cataract dogs
Grellet: Fertility results following intra-uterine inseminations using vaginal endoscopy in the dog
Groot, de: Metastatic digital carcinoma in the cat
Haagsman: Diabetes mellitus complicated by two seminomas
Igna: Biphasic scaffolds with chondroblasts for repair the osteochondral defects
Jamshidi: Odontoclastic responsive lesions in cats referred to Small Animal hospital of Tehran University
Jamshidi: Experimental infection of stray cats with human isolates of Helicobacter pylori
Javadi: Toxoplasma gondii specific antibodies in asymptomatic dogs and cats
Javanmardi: Evaluation of honey in post-operative peritoneal adhesion
Liu: MMP in Canine Mammary Gland Tumor
Loukopoulos: Canine osteosarcoma associated with orthopaedic procedures
Loukopoulos: Canine multilobular tumour of the bone arising in non-cranial sites: three cases
Loukopoulos: Xenotransplantation of spontaneous primary canine osteosarcoma and cultured canine osteosarcoma cells into nude mice
Lysimachos: Intestinal Pyogranuloma in Three Dogs
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