Companion Animal: Royal Canin Resident and Research Award 2008

Boerkamp: Bartter-Like Syndrome in a Dog
Dijkshoorn: Sequence and expression of the LH receptor in ferrets with hyperadrenocorticism
Dijkstra: “T-wave-peculiarity” on Chihuahua-ECGs is a myth
Doernberg: Resolution of recurrent gastric dilatation by gastrectomy
Buishand: LigaSure pancreatectomy in canine insulinomas
Gerritsen: Primary hypoparathyroidism in a 2-months-old flatcoated retriever
Hosseininejad: Antibody titers against Neospora caninum in dogs: a seroepidemiologic study in Iran
Jassies- Van der Lee: Succesful Treatment of Sebaceous Adenitis in a Rabbit with Cyclosporine A
Kan, van: Fetal motility in the guinea pig
Knaap: The ST3Gal5 gene as a candidate for epilepsy in the Boerboel
Molazema: Qualification of Liver Blood Perfusion Using Three-dimensional Power Doppler Ultrasonography in Dog
Proot: A better diet for porto-systemic shunt patients?
Schotanus: Liver-specific-stem-cell activation in canine hepatopathies
Gayathri: Gene expression profile of canine osteosarcoma with poor prognosis
Vegter: Growth Hormone-Induced Cardiac Remodelling in Dogs
Wouters: Successful surgical treatment after recurrence of insulinoma in dogs.
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