Companion Animal: Posters 2007

Aldavood: Ethic codes for studies on laboratory animals
Vural: Pleural mesothelioma in a nine-month-old Dog
Besalti: Extra-axial Brainstem Toxoplasma Gondii Granuloma in a cat
Besalti: MRI findings of Intracranial Tumors in Dogs: 27 cases
Coopman: Hip Dysplasia Research at Ghent University: towards a New Approach to asses Hip Quality?
Coopman: Prevalence of Canine Hip Dysplasia, Canine Elbow Dysplasia and Canine Shoulder Osteochondrosis in the Medical Imaging department of the Veterinary faculty, Ghent University
Derakhshanfar: The tubular preserving effects of L-arginine in gentamicin early-induced nephrotoxicity in rats
Dijk, van: Relationship RHD immunity and population density
Dodi: Prolapse of the Gland of the third Eyelid in a Cat
Heerings: Urethral obstruction induced by vitamin D treatment
Helps: An Injectable MLV Vaccine Protects Young Puppies against Challenge with either CAV1 or CAV2 seven days after a single Vaccination
Helps: A comparison of parvoviral antibody titres in puppies vaccinated under field conditions at either 9-11 or 12-14 weeks of age.
Kan, van: Ontogeny of fetal movements in the guinea pig
Kloek: Hemorrhagic diathesis in a pup
Kummeling: Prognostic Implications for Congenital Portosystemic Shunts of Hepatic Gene Expression
Laan: Masticatory Muscle Myositis in a Dog
Machiels: Topography of EEG responses to noxious stimulation.
Meijer: A Boerboel acting strangely
Mestieri: Canine auricular cartilage in patellar ligament desmoplasty.
Mohammad: Estrogen toxicity in a dog
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