Equine: Scientific Proceedings 2007

Blackstone: Buying and selling horses in the netherlands The role of the expert
Boissevain: Legal obstacles: veterinary legal aspects regarding horses used in sports.
Brama: Cartilage repair: an update
Daels: Embryo transfer tips and trics
Daels: Hormone Supplementation during Pregnancy
Dierendonck, van: Clinical ethology to benefit mare and/or foal around and after parturition
Duggan: Clinical Approach to Central Nervous System Disease in the Horse
Duggan: How-to session: “Endoscopy of the Equine Urinary Tract”
Galen, van: Tetanus in the horse
Geier: The use of physiotherapy during a show or rehabilitation periods
Hendriks: Predicting equine ovulation using colour-Doppler ultrasonography
Heuschmann: Evaluation of rein or bridle lameness
Hoegaerts: How to approach the equine pelvis ultrasonographically?
Hoegaerts: The ultrasonographic approach of the equine tarsus: a protocol for a systematical approach.
Klein: Equine ocular surgery
Klein, van: Anaesthesia in Donkeys (Equus asinus)
Moens: Epidural anaesthesia in the horse
Moens: Anaesthesia of the Foal
Murrell: Evidence-based decision making in anaesthesia
Murrell: Managing hypotension during equine anaesthesia
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