Equine: Posters 2007

Agricola: Fetus and CTUP in Lusitano mares
Bahari: Detection of Equine Influenza Viral sequences using a novel nested-PCR
Brandt: Bovine papillomavirus DNA in equine hoof cancer
Ayuda: Ozontherapy in high level competition horses
Gulik: Diagnostic approaches to equine back problems
Hotwagner: Evacuation of Sand from the Equine Intestine with Mineral Oil and/or Psyllium Seeds
Hugnet: Generic drugs : the pros and cons
Keles: Choroid plexus carcinoma in a horse
Ludvikova: Clinical management of polysaccharide storage myopathy
McDonell: Transdermal application of supplementary testosterone to stallions
Orsolia: Infarctive purpura hemorrhagica with severe anaemia
Safi: Measurement of electrolytes in blood of Iranian Horses (Arab & Turkaman)
Sakha: Maximum speed and serum lactate in Caspian miniature horses
Soest, van: Clinical efficacy of marbofloxacin in tissue cages in ponies
Back: Stiff neck and back: which tissues are in pain?
Benders: Metastatic melanoma in a non-grey horse
Boom, van den: Interstitial pneumonia: tuberculosis or BCGitis?
Bosch: The effect of ESWT on the collagen network in healthy equine tendons
Boswinkel: Rhodococcus equi in two adult horses
Brandt: BPV in equine sarcoids: new data
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