Companion Animal: Scientific Proceedings 2006

White: Pain assessment in companion animals
White: The multimodal approach to acute pain management
White: Chronic pain
White: Choosing the best anaesthesia monitoring equipment
White: All you need to know about capnography
White: Anaesthesia of the patient with cardiovascular disease
Bonagura: Pericardial diseases in dogs
Bonagura: Electrocardiogram reading session
Bonagura: Feline myocardial diseases: causes, assessment and therapy
Bonagura: Treatment of acquired heart disease in the dog
Gracis: Intraoral radiology: techniques and interpretation
Gracis: Dental extractions in dogs and cats
Gracis: Dental and parodontal trauma: how to treat dental emergencies
Gracis: Palatal surgery in dogs and cats
Harvey: Periodontal disease - Why it is so common, and why it is important in our patients.
Harvey: Periodontal disease - Update on Management (Treatment and Prevention)
Harvey: Oral surgery – the little things that make the difference
Harvey: Update on oral diseases in cats
Douglas: Scaling as a clinical problem: seborrhoea and cornification defects
Douglas: Dermatophytosis: recent advances in treatment and control
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