Poster Instructions

All poster presenters should display their posters using the poster boards in the Exhibition Hall before 10.30 a.m. on the first day of the EVC Voorjaarsdagen. The following guidelines will be of help when you prepare your poster presentation. Please remember that it is very important that you finish your poster BEFORE you travel to the The Hague Fokker Terminal Conference Centre, and that you bring it yourself. DO NOT mail your poster. One poster board will be allocated for each poster.

Size of poster board: 100 cm wide x 150 cm high

Size of useable area: 90 cm wide x 140 cm high

Poster should be oriented as “Portrait”.

Each piece of paper, graph, photograph etcetera that you pin onto your poster board is defined as a poster unit. Your poster presentation may be made up of one large poster unit (maximum size 140 x 90 cm), or several smaller poster units. In our experience, the most successful poster presentations are the ones made up of one poster unit.



There are two important points to remember when preparing your poster presentation:

  • Your audience should be able to see your material from a distance of 2 - 3 metres. This means that all lettering should be at least 8 mm high.
  • Plan your poster so that delegates can grasp the significance of your work quickly. Number your separate poster units in the order you wish them to be viewed.

Title Banner

If possible prepare a title banner to go across the top of your presentation. The title banner should be at least 100 mm wide and should state:

  • The title of the presentation
  • The name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s)

Lettering on the banner should be at least 20 mm high.

Text on poster units

Use a clear typeface such as Helvetica or Times Roman and, if possible, a laser printer. Keep text to a minimum – ideally, no more than 15 lines of type on a regular A4 sheet.

Graphs and diagrams

Graphs and diagrams often convey more than just words, as long as they are clear and simple. Graphs and figures should be drawn with a minimum line width of 1 mm.


Colour can greatly enhance your presentation. Some suggestions:

  • Use colour within diagrams
  • Paste your individual poster units onto coloured card using different colours to guide your audience through your presentation – introduction, results, conclusions, etc.


‘Handouts’, photo copies of either your individual poster or the whole presentation reduced to A3 format, are generally well appreciated by delegates. If you wish to distribute handouts, you should prepare them beforehand and bring them with you.

Good luck with the preparation of your poster.

Ceriel Maas, Scientific programme Companion Animals

Tsjester Huppes, Scientific programme Equine

Sophie Wolfert, Scientific programme Farm Animal