Eva Vandermeulen

Eva Vandermeulen graduated in 2005 from the Facultty of Veterinary Medicine of Ghent University.

Immediately after, she started a PhD project on renal function in (hyperthyroid) cats using scintigraphic methods, defending the PhD in June 2010.

Afterwards she stayed on as scientific personnel at the veterinary nuclear medicine department, taking care of the clinical part of the department and supporting various research projects.

In 2012 she obtained her personal nuclear medicine license from the FANC (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control). Treatment of the hyperthyroid cats remains large part of her job nowadays, with expansion to other imaging modalities and the start of an ECVDI residency in October 2017.

Her spare time is divided over renovating her house in Ghent with her husband, comforting her cats that all will be ok once it is finished, and travelling.

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