Femke Broere

Femke Broere DVM, PhD has been working at the faculty of veterinary Medicine in Utrecht since 2004.

Currently she is appointed at both the department of Infectious diseases and Immunology as well as Clinical Sciences of companion animals combining fundamental and clinically applied research.

She obtained her PhD in 2004 at the Free university of Amsterdam on the mucosal topic of “oral tolerance induction” in food allergy and has been interested in mucosal immunology and mucosal tolerance ever since.

Her research focusses of immunomodulation. Steering the adaptive immune response towards a desired response depending the immunological context is important for the development of novel therapies in both chronic inflammatory diseases (such as atopic dermatitis) and infectious diseases. Understanding which factors modulate the outcome of the adaptive immune response is key to their control and will aid fundamental understanding of the immune system and development of novel immunological therapies.

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