Sara Galac

Sara Galac graduated from the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

After graduation she moved to The Netherlands and completed an internship and residency at the Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. She completed her first PhD thesis about the use of a progesterone receptor antagonist during pregnancy and luteal phase in dogs at the University in Ljubljana in 2001 and her second PhD entitled "Recent developments of Cushing's syndrome in dogs", she successfully defended at Utrecht University in 2010. Nowadays, she is a staff member of the Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht and holds a position of assistant professor in Internal medicine.

Her main interest is Endocrinology. She is involved in clinical work, teaching and research. She leads an @drenal research group at Utrecht University. The mission of this research group is to learn about the mechanisms, which initiate specific growth and differentiation of normal adrenal cells and to unravel the dysregulation of biological patterns, which induce adrenal cancer development. Her research is greatly supported by national and international grants (Dutch Animal Cancer Society, Morris Animal Foundation and AKC Canine Health Foundation).

Sara Galac described the two novel forms of canine Cushing's syndrome in dogs for the first time: ectopic ACTH secretion syndrome and food-dependent hypercortisolism. She strongly believes in the value of case reports to clinical practice and medical science. Besides case reports, her publication list consists of journal articles, research abstracts, and book chapters. She is a frequent speaker at international veterinary conferences and much involved in veterinary continuing education. As the only representative from the veterinary medicine she is active in human adrenal network ENS@T, which joins the world leading endocrinologists and serves to stimulate research in adrenal cancer.

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