Masterclass: Hematology and Free Fluid: Microscopic and Clinical Pathology - Interpretation of Interpretation via microscopy and laboratory tests

Wednesday, the 11th of April 2018

Are you performing blood smears yourself? How do you approach cases presenting with ascites? Which complentary examinations do you plan to figure out what the underlying cause is? This masterclass offers you the basics to perform a good analysis of the blood smear, allowing you to obtain key information on your emergency in and out of hours. Moreover, a stepwise approach to the patient with ascites will be offered, allowing you to rapidly obtain a diagnosis or decide whether a conservative or agressive approach is required. You will only need your microscope, refractometer and a couple of basic biochemical parameters to move forward.

This masterclass will be composed by an applied theoretical part. During the practical part, the blood smears, cytological preparations and biochemical analyses of several patients will be made available for the participants. The veterinarians will be asked to choose their complementary examinations wisely, interpret their findings and in doing so should train themselves to arrive at a correct diagnosis. At the end of the masterclass, veterinarians should feel comfortable to interpret blood smears, as well as to confront a patient with ascites.